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For a safe and sound

veterinary care

Notizie: Notizie

After more than 9 years of research experience, we decided to approach the veterinary field.

Veterinary medicine provides a unique opportunity to benefit both humans and their companion animals. Indeed, veterinary trials make an innovative non-invasive therapy available for family pets, while simultaneously collecting data that can be used to advance human medicine.

Focused ultrasound offers several advantages over traditional treatments for veterinary diseases, like surgery and radiation. It is non-invasive, which reduces the risk of infection and eliminates the need for stitches and the Elizabethan collar. In addition, since there is no ionizing radiation involved, treatments can be repeated if needed.

Join us!

We have started a beta program 

dedicated to a restricted number of veterinary clinics.

You will stand by our team in the early stages of refinement and

pre-commercial use of our platform in the veterinary field.



Definition of

most promising

vet applications


Usability testing

of our platform 


Business validation

in the veterinary market 

What we look for


Curiosity and

passion for innovation


Experience with echography


Availability for platform testing

What you will get back


Playing as the

first center to use our innovative technology


Visibility and exposure in all the  channels of Soundsafe Care


Opportunity for later  services of ours at discounted prices

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